Five Houses, One Family

Five Houses, One Family
Posted on 09/18/2019
Two teachers dressed up in red and green for the event

On Friday, September 13, students patiently waited to be sorted into one of the five houses. Our houses represent the five Tiger values. These five houses are: Yellow Trustworthy House, Blue Innovative House, Green Grateful House, Purple Empathetic House, and Red Respectful House. Each student and staff member are a part of one of the five houses.

In kindergarten, students waited in the cafeteria with their teacher and classmates so they could walk down together and see their classroom. Each classroom was decorated in their house color. Students' excitement was contagious while the anticipation levels rose.

Student entering the classroom Students entering the classroom

  • Mrs. Smithers Class - Blue Innovative House
  • Mrs. Adkins Class - Purple Empathetic House
  • Ms. Delaneys Class - Red Respectful House
  • Ms. O’Flaherty’s Class - Yellow Trustworthy House
  • Ms. Anderson’s Class - Purple Empathetic House
  • Ms. Koenig’s Class - Green Grateful House 

Teacher holding a stuffed animal

In first grade, students eagerly waited in the halls to see their room transformed into their house colors. Enthusiasm was heard from anywhere in the building. Students guessing and saying which house they thought they would be in. Each classroom would soon become a house and a part of the Henry Clay family.

Happy student entering the classroom Surprised students entering the classroom

  • Mrs. Harvey - Yellow Trustworthy House
  • Ms. Doyle - Purple Empathetic House
  • Mrs. Walker - Red Respectful House
  • Ms. Cario - Green Grateful House
  • Mrs. Childress - Green Grateful House
  • Mrs. Dingman - Blue Innovative House 

Teacher hugging a student

In second grade, the cheers and chants were infectious. Anyone who made their way to the hall could feel the spirit. Students were led into the gym and were given an envelope. By groups of three, students were called up and told to open their envelopes. As they opened their envelopes, the excitement was easily read on their faces while they ran home to their house color and family. Each second grade class has a mixture of the five houses in their class.

Students and a teacher dancing Students and a teacher celebrating

  • Mrs. Bergeron - Blue Innovative House
  • Mrs. Harrington - Purple Empathetic House
  • Mrs. Chittum - Yellow Trustworthy House
  • Mrs. Pannell - Green Grateful House
  • Mrs. Kensinger - Red Respectful House
  • Mrs. Ahladas - Red Respectful House 

Each Friday, the houses will meet with their members. They will cheer, chant, complete team building activities, and discuss the importance of their house. House leaders will create challenges and goals for them to complete each week to show their Tiger trait. We will give house points to classes working as a team and individual students representing the Henry Clay Tiger traits. Each month, the house with the highest points will have a celebration. The houses will have opportunities to get together throughout the year, and we will celebrate students who earn Tiger trait awards throughout the year. The house system is a great way for students to come together and celebrate their accomplishments with their peers and teachers. We cannot wait to see what amazing things will happen this year!

Students forming an arch with their arms up in the hallway

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